“Destined For Jerky Greatness”

KaiYen Mai was born into a family passionate about the delicate art of creating unique flavors and perfecting the soft, traditional Asian jerky textures.
For nearly 50 years, the family honed their craft and developed family recipes that have been passed on for generations.


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“The Adventure That Sparked An Idea”

KaiYen began to travel the globe, journeying far and wide in search of new cultures and experiences. One such journey brought her to the heart of Africa.

While scaling the mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world, high-protein snacks were essential as fuel for optimal performance on this grueling feat.

Faced with sub-par flavors and textures of protein-rich bars and mixes, KaiYen realized the opportunity in the market for Fusion Jerky. The idea for an all-natural, high-protein, low-sodium delicious tasting jerky made without gluten, preservatives or nitrates had arrived.



“And So It Begins”

Ground breaks on Fusion Jerky’s state-of-the-art processing facility in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Our USDA facility is held to the highest standards of quality and taste and only uses whole slices of premium meat cooked to perfection and seasoned with the finest flavors and artisan ingredients. We care about the quality of our products so our company is vertically integrated where we produce our own jerky using American raised meats.



“Fusion Jerky Hits Shelves”

After months of testing and tweaking, eight flavors of delicious jerky make the roster of Fusion Jerky offerings. Blending the innovation of American flavors with the soft consistency of Asian-style jerkies, Fusion Jerky offers a taste and texture experience unlike anything else. Fusion Jerky is also the first to launch a chicken jerky, leading the industry to new heights.



$6.99 per bag. Add 8 bags to your cart and get 1 bag FREE! (use promo code ONEFREE)
$5.00 flat shipping. (Continental USA, AK, and HI only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all the jerky gluten-free?

Yes, all the 8 flavors of jerky are gluten-free.


Is the meat domestic or imported?

We only use meat (beef, pork, turkey and chicken) that are raised domestically in the USA.


Do you produce your own jerky?

Yes, we own our USDA manufacturing plant so we can have strict control of where our meat and materials are coming from. We care about the quality and safety of our products.


Do you use any preservatives in the jerky?

No! No preservatives or nitrites (except which naturally occurs in celery powder) are used in the jerky. It’s all-natural.


What is the shelf life of the jerky?

The shelf life for all the jerky products is one year.


How will I know if my order was processed?

You will receive an order confirmation if your credit card was processed. If the computer froze or somehow the order did not get processed, you will not receive an order confirmation.


When will I receive my order from online shopping?

You will receive an order confirmation once it is processed. Within a business day or two your order will be shipped. You will then receive a shipping confirmation. Once it is shipped, you can use your tracking number to check on the USPS.com website

US shipped orders can usually takes about 5-10 business days.


Why did my order get rejected?

Either your credit card information did not match your billing address or else the credit card had wrong information. Please contact our office if you have any questions. 650-589-7689


Can I place an order on the telephone instead of online?

Yes, you can also place an order on the telephone. Please call customer service (650) 589-7689 to place your order if you find it more convenient.


I am interested in buying a bulk quantity, will the price be cheaper?

Please contact customer service (650) 589-7689 and we can probably give you a cheaper price based on the quantity ordered.


Should I refrigerate the products afterward the package is open?

Yes, please refrigerate all products after it is open. In addition, do not leave the products in the sun too long.



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Tyler Clary is an American competition swimmer and Olympic gold medalist. In his Olympic debut at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Clary won gold in the 200-meter backstroke in Olympic record time. In total, he has won 15 medals in major international competitions: two gold, eight silver, and five bronze spanning the Summer Olympics, the FINA World Championships, the Pan Pacific Championships, and the Pan American Games.


CrossFit Athlete

Megan Southern has had a love affair with health and fitness her entire life. Forced to eat Carob chips and Grape Nuts as a child, she also embarked on a journey towards nutritional enlightenment just to find better stuff to eat. She has developed her own athleticism to a level that has allowed her to compete in the CrossFit Games NorCal Regionals in 2011 and 2012. She also competes in various regional CrossFit challenges and running events.


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